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Application Criteria

  • You are 18+ years and are an Australian Permanent Resident
  • Your business has a valid Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • You have a business bank account that matches the applying entity

The process

  • Complete our simple online application form (takes 5-10 minutes)
  • Provide business and basic personal details to verify your information
  • Start accepting payments – usually within 7-10 business days from approval

Your solution

Business EFTPOS

Business EFTPOS

Wireless mobile payments

$29monthly terminal rental

Flat Rate Visa & Mastercard transactions


EFTPOS / Debit Transaction


International Transactions


Fee-free EFTPOS

Fee-free EFTPOS

Wireless mobile payments

$0monthly terminal rental

Flat Rate (surcharged) Visa & Mastercard transactions


EFTPOS / Debit Transaction


Minimum revenue per month


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All pricing is GST inclusive.

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To ensure we can integrate successfully into your Point of Sale please call us on 1800 EFTPOS (1800 338 767).

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Expected revenue

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Card not present transactions

Do you require MOTO Payments enabled? *

MOTO Payments are transactions processed by manually entering an individual’s card details into the terminal when the customer is NOT present to tap or insert their card.

What % of your overall revenue will be processed as MOTO?

Please Note

Only select MOTO if you need to process transactions manually by entering a card number into your terminal when the card is NOT present. Please note: MOTO is subject to approval, additional information may be required to support the request, and it may take longer to assess your application and business suitability.


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The latest you can settle for next business day funding is 21:00.

Your business

Please answer the following questions about your business so we can verify your business and process your application.

Business Details

Trading address

Trading Address

Search for your address and edit if required. Or add manually.

Bank Details

Your account name must match the applying entity name

Please ensure bank proof is recent and dated within the last 90 days

Things you should know

Chargeback Fee A fixed fee charged on a per occurrence basis to cover the cost of processing and resolving chargebacks (Visa and / or Mastercard® disputed transactions) instituted against you as a merchant.


Retrieval Fee A fixed fee charged on a per occurrence basis for the processing of retrieval requests instituted against you as a merchant.


Lost Supplied Equipment Fee A fee charged to you in the event that you lose equipment/assets of Till Payments.


Early Termination Fee A fee charged to you in the event that you choose to end your relationship with Till Payments ahead of the contract expiration date.


Terms of Contract If you wish to terminate during this period there is a $0 early termination fee. No penalties apply.

36 mths

All pricing is GST inclusive

Your details and signature

Personal Details

As shown on official ID

As shown on official ID

Please upload a valid form of ID for verification (either Driver’s License or Passport)

Merchant Agreement Terms

By signing this Merchant Agreement Application Form, you:

  1. acknowledge having received, read and understood the Merchant Application Form agree to be bound by same;
  2. agree to the use and disclosure of your personal information as set out in the Collection Statement and agree to be bound by the privacy obligations as detailed in the General Terms and the Collection Statement;
  3. warrant that the information provided in this Application is correct and not misleading;
  4. warrant that you are duly authorised to agree to the debiting and crediting of payments to the account or accounts nominated in this Application; and
  5. warrant that any individual signatory is authorised to enter into this Merchant Agreement on behalf of the Merchant.

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