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Online Payments

More Payments can help you transform how you accept payments online making it easier and more secure to facilitate payments from any customer, anywhere in the world. Offering a seamless and secure online payments solution is enabled by Till’s advanced technology resulting in faster, simpler, and better payments.

Till’s Payment Gateway

Till’s intelligent and intuitive payment gateway captures and transfers payment data from the customer to the acquirer. Acting as an interface between a merchant’s website and its acquirer, the technology validates a customer’s card details securely to ensure funds are available and the merchant gets paid. It will encrypt sensitive credit card details, ensuring that information is managed securely and in a compliant manner.

Pay by Link

Provide a seamless payments environment for your customers with Pay by Link. Securely send customers a payment request link via email or SMS and collect payments faster, from anywhere in the world. Pay by Link provides an efficient solution to facilitate business payments that is easy for your customers and secure for the merchant.

Till’s Merchant Portal

Till’s Payment gateway is supported by an intuitive Business Intelligence portal which provides a user-friendly interface for monitoring transactions, optimising processing paths and implementing intelligent fraud management tools, helping to identify anomalies and trends. Through flexible data analysis and graphic visualisation capabilities, merchants can easily monitor and report on the performance of their transactions as well as easily adapt strategies when needed.

Benefit from fast, reliable and convenient payment solutions for your business.

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Till Payments are a global payments provider and partner with over 350 banks, acquirers, and payment methods in over 150 countries. Till’s innovative technology delivers seamless customer payment experiences. They are changing the commerce game for the better; better for you and better for your customers which is why More Payments have chosen to partner with them. Simplify the way your business accepts payments with confidence.

To speak with one of More Payments' Sales Executives please give us a call on 1800 338 767 Mon-Fri - 9.00am - 5.00pm (AEST). Alternatively, you can email or fill out the contact form right here on our website. More Payments will be happy to discuss your payment requirements with you in more detail.

No, the EFTPOS terminals will deposit your funds into any Australian business bank.

Yes, you can add a credit card surcharge to customer transactions with confidence. This can offset the cost of your Merchant Service Fees. You can choose the amount that you wish to surcharge by card category and choose the surcharge amount as a percentage or a fixed amount per transaction.

Yes, the EFTPOS terminals have advanced tipping options along with other functions that aide the hospitality industry.

Simply give More Payments a call on 1800 338 767 or submit your details through the “Contact” page on this website and More Payments will promptly call you back.

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Once your application is completed, it can be as quick as 1-3 business days for approval and a further 5-7 business days for your EFTPOS terminal/s to be delivered and installed. Approximately 10 business days is a reasonable estimate for the duration of the entire process.